Body Piercing

Tallahassee Tattoo Company is dedicated to helping you get your next professionally done body piercing.

Professional Body Piercing

Remy Smith

Remy has 14 years of experience in Body Piercing and has pierced from coast to coast. He started an apprenticeship in ’06 under the tutelage of his friend Bryce Stillman. It only lasted a year, but he’d get another opportunity a few years later when he’d be able to devote himself to the craft. In ’09 he had a friend in need of help, and he jumped to their aid. Remy was managing and the head piercer for a little over 4 years before they closed the doors. Then joined the Iron Inkwell crew, which over the course 7 years took Tallahassee be storm. They ended up teaming up with Monument Tattoos and Tallahassee Tattoo & Piercing Company was created. He does pretty much everything in the realm of body piercing ( that is legal in Fla ); which means if you can pinch it, we can poke it! Whether it be a Basic Body Piercing, Microdermal, or something a bit more on the weird side; Remy has experience doing it all!